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Thread: twilight princess wii question

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    twilight princess wii question

    i have the backup of twilight princess wii,the wii scrubbed edition.the version of the game is ntsc and so is my system.i heard this game will try too do an update before it will run.i have the homebrew channel with gamma loader installed.iam just affraid it might update my system and remove all the stuff i just u think its safe too run?thanks

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    it will ask you before hand if you want to run the update so you can start it and see first. Also i'm pretty new to this but i thought if you scrubbed it it cleaned the update off the disk?

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    This really depends on what firmware you have. If you have firmware 3.2 (like me) you can install starfall which will recover a partial bricked wii. An option with starfall is to not allow disc updates to take place. It will simply bypass it. Another thing you can do (which I do with all my downloaded games) is use a program called "wiibrickblocker" which will actually remove the update from the game. You simply open the program, then click brouse to bring up the game in the program then click patch (or something like that) and in about 10 seconds, its finished. You dont need to save afterwards or anything. Another thing I like about starfall is for example...... I have rockband 2 original copy. Thats the only rockband game i have thats an original copy (until I made a copy of it). Now all rockband games require an update to play (dont actually require it). Now with me having starfall installed like I said up above, if I run that game through the disc channel, where it gets to where the update would start, I instead get a black screen. Starfall wont allow my wii to even get to the update page. So basically every original copy game you have that requires a system update, youll need to run it using backup launcher instead of disc channel. If I did not have starfall installed, the system would have been updated and I would of had to start all over with modding it. Hope this helps.

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    my system is a lu64 version 4.0u.i just did the latest hack that just came out.i believe the ios that was installed is 3.8.that program wiibrickblocker sounds like it wound be my best option.does it sound like starfall will install on my wii without problems?iam trying to be very careful.thanks


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