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Thread: Punch-Out!!! Does yours work? setup please

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    Punch-Out!!! Does yours work? setup please

    Finally got my wii backups working last night and every game I have tried from twilight princess to mario kart has worked fine... But this damn punch out is giving me issues. I have a 4.0U system softmodded and i'm getting a read error. The game picture shows up fine on the disc channel. So i was wondering if you have it working what's your setup? What program are you using to load. Also i have the NTSC ver. of punchout. Thanks in advance.

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    yes it works . but im using usb loader!!... forgot.. i have 4.0u
    cios 38 r10
    iso 249 and other but dont remember which ones
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    2 setups working fine.

    System 1:
    WiiKey 2 w. 1.2 core
    3.2 Firmware
    IOS: 38, 51, 53, 55
    cIOS 36

    3.2 Firmware
    IOS: 38, 51, 53, 55, 60
    cIOS 38 r9
    Backup Loader Gamma w. 002 Fix

    Helpful Threads:
    Dump & Burn discs | 3.3 / 3.4 Firmware FYI | Wii Disassemble | WiiClip Install

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    • View topic - Ultimate Wii Soft-Mod Guide (up to 4.0)
    i guess i'll have to read up more. I followed this tutorial last night and everything is working fine but i have not installed anything ontop of what this tutorial made me install. So I all those Ios installs I dont have (that i know of) and dont know if i should have them.

    Also thanks for the quick replies. If i figure out what i've done or did wrong i will be sure to keep everyone updated so maybe it'll help someone in the future

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    Do me a quick favor jayquick03. Download "IOSpatcher" and install it. Right click once on the punch out iso file and click on "open with" and open it with iospatcher. Youll get a black screen with white writing (basically a dos prompt). Tell me what the IOS number is.

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    Ill be helping you out through pm.

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    as an update i tried using generic wii patcher and wii scrubber to extract the .Dol file and then fix the .002 error but i get a message that while searching it did not find any 002 protection. havent heard from jason in a while if anyone else want to give it a shot ^_^

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    I've backed up a ntsc and pal version of punch out and same deal (also get the same response from the latest x men wolverine with both ntsc torrent and my own pal dumped back up)

    So I figure it's not the media / burner I'm using as I've backed up a lot of games and all work fine.

    The game shows up in the wii channel, press start and screen goes black

    I thought it may have been some protection on these latest games?

    My wii hasn't been updated from new it's running ver 3.3e,
    with the wasabi DX BETA version 2.0

    Don't know what IOS cause I don't understand all that stuff yet

    Anyone out there who can point me in the right direction?
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    All good... updated my firmware from 3.3e to 4.0e and puchout works sweet.

    jayquik03 as for the softmod issue, sorry I wish I could help...

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