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Thread: Just installed HBC on my 4.0u Wii using Bannerbomb..

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    Question Just installed HBC on my 4.0u Wii using Bannerbomb..

    What is the next step now? I just would like to be able to play Wii, Gamecube, and Wiiware/VC backups from SD or USB preferably but I don't mind burning discs. What must I do next to be able to do that? Thanks.

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    download usb loader. just do a search for it. i use 1.1 but the newer version is 1.5.
    also do a google search for wbfs manager and download 3.01 that iwll allow you transfer iso files to a x hdd and play on the wii. good luck

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    Will this allow me to run Gamecube backups also or just Wii ones? Thanks.

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    just wii as far as i know. i have never tried gc through usb, those i think u will have to still burn bc gc didnt have a usb port and i think when u run a gc game the usb doesnt work ?!

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    you will need a cios first - follow this guide to get one


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