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Thread: system is asking for update

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    system is asking for update

    I dont know what my wife did. She inserted the wii active game and the system update screen came up. she played the game b4 and it never asked for the update. I have version 3.2 with softmii installed. Now any game I put into wii the system update screen comes up but I want update because its says if my system have been modified it will affect it if I take the update. what should i do.

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    Install starfall. Starfall will only work for 3.2 firmware, but theres several options you can change. One of the options is to not allow system updates. Im guessing you have backup launcher gamma as well? Youll need to use that for any original copy game that requires a system update.

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    This is weird. has anyone seen this message before accepting system update. It says IF YOU ACCEPT THIS UPDATE YOUR SYSTEM MAY NOT WORK PROPERLY IF YOUR SYSTEM IS MODIFIED. So I took the update and my wii is playing games for 15 min and loseing power completly. I pull the power cord and plug it back in and wii works again and 15 min later power cuts off on wii. before I took the updat my system was at 3.2u and after I took update my system was still at 3.2u so Was that a bad update to affect my wii
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    please can someone read my last post and help me out. I play a game and the wii shuts off after 15 min or so. did my wii get bricked. this is wierd after the last update i took it started doing this. the crazy thing is that my system version was 3.2u b4 the update and it was 3.2u after the update.


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