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Thread: Weird burning problem...

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    Question Weird burning problem...

    Okay, so I goto burn using IMGBurn or nero, and it goes through the proccess and then it says its done burning but when I goto look @ the back of the disc to see if its been burned its still blank !!!! Then when I pop it into the computer to check , it says that some things been burned to it, but there is nothing on the disc, its not my burner because I can burn anything else, its just these ISO's wont burn.... help plzz!


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    Have you ever popped it into the wi? You cant tell the disc was burnt anyways because the entire disc is burned, so you cant tell the difference in color. If the program said its finished, then its finished.

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    Yeh, i popped it into the wii, and it says unable to read disc in the Disc Channel. and in backuploader gamma .03 it says DVD read errror 324.

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    well then search on here for dvd error 324 and youll get your answer

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    already did, changed to dvd-r verbatim, still dosnt work......

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    you obviously dont have the right files installed onto the wii. Also when you used imgburn, did you verify sectors?

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    Yeh, verified sectors, its weird, im about to get another .iso and see if that changes it....

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    How many bytes was the iso? exact byte size

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    4.37GB is the size of the .iso


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