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    Wii iso

    I would like to compress my WII ISO's to less than 3.7GB because I need to put them on a 4GB USB stick then play them on USB Loader. Is there any software which could compress it so i can put it on the USB and play them.

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    well, some ISO's are actually less than 4GB. why don't u apply WBFS_Mgr before thinking of compression ?

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    Wouldnt that require me to put the ISO on the 4GB USB first which I can't because the ISO's are too big for it?

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    hi swift

    billyhome is right - use WBFS_manager it will 'scrub' the game as it copies to the USB stick and result in smaller sized ISO's.

    You can have the full sized ISO's on your PC,

    insert your USB stick and format to WBFS with WBFS_manager,

    then copy them to the stick where they will be 'scrubbed' (reduced size) as they go

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    Thank you so much. I just tried it now and copied boom blox. from 4.3GB to 1.6GB....impressive.


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