Hi there, nice forum, and I was hoping, after searching and googleing this with no result, someone could point me to a forehead slapping solution.

I've, today, gone through the whole Softmii install at
How to Store/Load Wii Games via USB Hard Drive on System Menu 4.0 [Slick Tricks Part 2]

And think I have finally cracked in, I have the USB drive installed and USBloader can see they two sample games I have on there ( Wii Sports) but I cannot select anything.

Is this obvious ?

Do I have to have a wired controller in order to select a game to play ?
THe two Wii controllers I have( the ones that come with it) , whilst they work in the Wii menu system, dont work in the USBLoader (Ultimate edition) screen, therefore I cannot select anything.

One flashes three blue LED's the other 4.

I've tied syncing them with the console visa the connect buttons but nothing.

What simpek step did I forget ?