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Thread: please help a novice/rookie

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    Arrow please help a novice/rookie

    thinking about using the wii as my first console i do a hardware mod on

    looking at several options, but generally i am uncertain as for what product to get [wiikey/wiinja/ect]

    essentially i want the easiest one to install that allows back ups and homebrews, i was under the impression that the wiikey wrequired no wires and just needed a few solder points but i saw a instruction sheet today that had multiple wires along with the solder points.

    not really set on any device so any help here is appreciated

    also what concerns should i have long term about this, such as games/updates detecting and locking the system?

    note:i use my 360 and ps3 for online play and find the Wii's online plan lacking at best so i have no issues never connected to the internet with the wii.

    as far as playing backups, im assuming that any dvd-rw drive will work, but whats the recommended speed and brand of blank disk?

    as far as uses, here is what i would like to do:
    -play backups, preferably all regions but specifically NTSC
    -play various roms [not sure what emulators are even available]

    any other help anyone can pass along in regards to anything here is appreciated

    Thanks for your time
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    Well I don't know how much I can help you but if you have ps3 and xbox360 then you have it set there is great stuff you can do with the wii and great games also i'll show you what good stuff the wii offers well it's more of I'll tell you read this wile I tell you some games you can get/look for.....look at this post I made wile I add some games and stuff you should get:

    (wii). (LOZ Twilight princess)out
    (XBOX360)(Halo3)almost out
    (ps2)(socom1,2,3 U.S navy seals)out

    There are some good games if you need more names let me know?
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    already own zelda tp, and i have no plans to mod my ps3 or 360...just the wii

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    I don't know what to say then srry......

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    I suggest a wiikey, First time soldering and I did just fine, plus it is upgradable with firmware, and all games will boot from your region, and a great number out of your region too.
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    as far as the soldering, does the wiikey come with everything i need or do i need to get my own wires ect

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    Dependes some forms of it have all that and some don't??

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    My wiikey didn't come with wires. but I got a couple feet of kynar wire from ebay (but only need several inches for the install). Good luck.

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    The Wiikey did very good for me. I installed it with wires from an IDE harddisk cable.


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