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Thread: SSBB randomly cannot read disc

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    SSBB randomly cannot read disc

    Have searched the forums, but cannot find an answer specific to my problem.

    I have burnt the full SSBB, using imgburn, with layer break and incremental setting. Used Verbatim DVD+R DL. As per the recommended method. Burnt at 2.4x (min available) with Pioneer drive.

    Game starts and runs fine. However, at random points when loading a new screen, the "unable to read disc" screen comes up. By random, I mean at different points in the game maybe only once or twice every couple of days. I also noted that the drive usually works fairly hard when accessing to load a new screen.

    The only thing I did not do that was recommended was to set the booktype to DVD-ROM, as there is not the option for Pioneer drives.

    So, is my problem related to the booktype not being set correctly (and if so, is there anything I can do about it?), or is it simply due to the fact I have an old drive and it is not entirely happy with DL discs?


    Old Console (maybe 3 yrs old ?)
    WasabiDX Chip v1.2
    Firmware 3.4E
    All SL discs work faultlessly.

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    Yea. You need to change the booktype to dvdrom. I have a LG drive so I was able to change the booktype easily. If you want, you can download nero 8 and try changing the booktype on that program. But NEVER pop a +R disc into the wii. It probably wont work but if it does, its very hard on the drive. Another thing. You want dvd-R DL which stands for "daul layer". dvd+R DL stands for "double layer". Theres a huge difference.

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    So you are saying I should try a DVD-R DL? Most posts advise against this because you cannot set a layer break.

    Do you know if anyone has been successful with SSBB and DVD-R DL ?

    Does the Wasabi DX need a layer break? I see that some chips do and others do not, but no specific mention of the DX.


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