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Thread: what are Emulators

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    Unhappy what are Emulators

    Quote Originally Posted by ZELDAMASTER View Post
    I never really took the time to ask about emulaters what are they??game playing tools!!??

    Please don't flame me for thAT..LOL
    well they are game playing tools. the basically emulate the environment the games were originally played in. so they emulate the cpu/video/architecture of NES/SNES/genesis/N64 what ever it was designed for

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    Oh thanks and next time please don't go offtopic thats why this post was moved hereDon't worry about me not seeing the post I skan the hole forum every min >i'll see it one way or another<

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    They make these emulators for the pc as well. They are great fun. They also work with the xbox360 controller or a modified USB xbox controller (which I made) and they are quite fun. Play all the oldschool games on your pc. The best thing about the emulators is you can fast forward them, so all the crappy textfilled cutscenes are a thing of the past. You can even run it on fat mode while you are playing. great for RPG type games!
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    huh and cheap huh my friend a bit ago told me about a n64 em but I forgot so thanks all, if there was a karma sytem you each whould get a good one

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    Cheap? You bet... cheap as free :P
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    Nice and your smiley didnot

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    i'm over it ;D
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    that one did not work ether you need to do ur math!!

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    The reason the smileys are not working is because I am not using the symbol configurations that this forum recognizes. No worries, I prefer them without an ugly yellow green or blue face anyhow
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    yet u used a ugly yellow face you are 1 in a milion

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