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Thread: Certain games dont work!

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    Certain games dont work!

    okay, i am on 4.0u, and i am trying to play space invaders, missile command, and madbomber.

    when i launch space invaders from HBC, it flashes a small error message, and goes back to the HBC.

    Missle command just shows a black screen, and returns to HBC.

    Madbomber flashes some error message, and goes back to HBC.

    how can i fix these? i have installed versions from the homebrew browser, and i've downloaded from the internet, and copied/FTP'd it onto my SD cards.

    I've gotten duck hunt, mplayer, ftpii, pong, stellawii, wadmanager, and wiiearth to work, but the games above wont. please help.

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    Dunno which edition of Space Invaders you DL, but the one I have works. You're not missing much.

    Missile Command, OTOH, I've not gotten to work either.


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