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Thread: Running an xbox360 update on a console with ixtreme?

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    Running an xbox360 update on a console with ixtreme?

    Hi folks,

    I recently got a freebie X360 from a friend, it was his old one that suffered from RROD and I fixed it with the "baking" trick

    Since I had the console opened, I flashed the Hitachi drive with ixtreme 1.51 and it'll now happily play backups.

    So my question is, can I let the console update itself now, or would that brick it?

    Project Gotham Racing 4 plays fine, but when I insert Damnation it wants to run an update otherwise I can't play it


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    Microsoft updates go against the consoles kernel.

    When you flash your 360, you're modifying an unrelated piece, the DVD rom.

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    you can run the update cause unlike the wii which can play everything whether it is in its region or not....the 360 can only play backups from its own region.

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    i have updated all of mine no problem with any


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