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Thread: Updating: blocking them and possible consequences?

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    Question Updating: blocking them and possible consequences?

    OK, so I finally got the HBC channel working, I also installed a backup channel to.. well, play backups.

    Now, to the point: I've read someplace that you can block updates?
    I share the wii with a younger brother, whom I don't trust not to update, possibly ruining the backup channel, homebrew channel, etc. and rendering most of our games useless again. (Disk scratches are a bitch, and so are the game prices...)

    So, what do I do to prevent updates? Are there any consequences I need to be aware of? Any danger of losing functionality? Some games require updates, but what exactly do they update? Nintendo's newest weapons against modding? Or do we actually need the update to run the game?

    I'm not all that experienced in this, so I hope to get some answers from you pros...

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    The backup channels dont read the update on a disc. Even if you throw in a retail disc they will ignore the update. That goes for backup & USB launchers.

    So in that regard, you're pretty safe. Really the only for sure way to brick your Wii is to throw in a disc from the other region with an update on it.

    I'm pretty noob myself, but if you accidentally update your Wii to a new menu from your region everything will still work. You just may run into problems if/when you decide to add more homebrew. Even if things quit working though, if you've gotten this far with softmod'ing you can always fix anything short of a brick.

    For safety's sake though I run WiiBrickBlocker - The official site on every game.

    edit: As for the little brother thing. I'd say take your HBC and any other channel you worry about him playing with and drag it a few "screens?" to the right of the main list. Just drag it with A+B.
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    I am not sure if the backup launcher itself blocks updates. I think you need to install a program that blocks updates. I have starfall installed on my wii and one of its options is to block updates.

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    simple , easy & fool-proof:
    -- lock all out-of-region games in a safe
    -- don't tell ur bro, where the safe is
    -- play only with USB-Loader
    -- verify every ISO yourself before hand
    -- don't teach ur bro to use PC, WBFS_mgr and BT games
    -- last but not least = buy a Wii for ur younger bro, Thanks-Giving

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    what firmware you currently running btw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasons34 View Post
    I am not sure if the backup launcher itself blocks updates. I think you need to install a program that blocks updates. I have starfall installed on my wii and one of its options is to block updates.
    Backup launchers do not read the update partition. That's not just random guessing either. I've actually TRIED to find something that will boot a backup and read the update partition so I can get to 3.2u (i'm 3.1u). Nothing I've found so far will read an update other than the actual Wii disc channel.

    Although as stated, I still use BrickBlocker, especially on PAL games. As long as he brickblock's and boots from backup launchers there's a near 0% chance he's going to brick it. Short of leaving random stuff in HBC for his brother to run. (IE: Anytitle deleter)

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    That is wrong. Starfall will not allow updates even using the disc channel. I know this because I popped rockband 2 into my wii and loaded it from the disc channel and when it gets to the system update the screen goes black. Thats how I know starfall wont allow system updates.

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    I'm not quite sure what "is wrong." But okay sport. I wasn't even speaking about starfall.

    The guy said.. hey here's what I have on my system. Can I brick it?

    I said no, you're good, and here's why.

    You insinuated that backup launchers can still brick you, which they 100% for sure, with or WITHOUT starfall, can not. The only way you can brick from another region from just a backup launcher is from the disc channel. Which is 100% accurate.

    Then you rambled on some more. Go go your post count i guess.

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    First off if you take a pal game and pop it into your NTSC-U wii and run it using backup launcher, you will brick your wii. Thats a fact. The way to not brick your wii is to use regionfrii to change the region to NTSC and then force ntsc in configuration settings within backup launcher. Simple way to stay away from a brick is to not pop anything into your wii if its not in your region. I play tons of pal games on my wii but thats only because I change the region and have backup launcher automatically force NTSC everytime it loads. BTW, if you want that wad, just let me know.
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