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Thread: hi everyone

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    hi everyone

    I'm just a newbe in this crazy world of if any of you vets out there can help me out I would appreciate any advice or direction you all could pass along

    Thank you all in advance, I wish you all great times :CHEERS:

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    What advice are you looking for. Best advice I can give right now is search forums for questions. If you don;t find answers, ask. They usually all get answers fairly quickly

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    I was looking for invites......but after reading the " Wii Torrents Begging" I do understand though...I was wondering what can I do to help the comunety....I've been looking for hours and the only thing I can see to an alternative to black cat or torrent is xdccing...but I'm unable to make it work....even when I follow the right now I'm torrenting of bittorent com and net. I know I'm all over the place here but I need help as to whats my best options for Wii games.

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    Without a torrent site invite the best advice I can give is isoHunt. Most games take a day or two to download and in my opinion that isn't too much to ask for a free wii game. As for an xdcc guide, here is a quick tutoial.
    once you have searched the game you want and know what pack you want click on the pack and it will open your client (I use mIRc).
    Click through and agree to all the crap.... wait rewind a bit... amek sure your client is set to receive transfers automatically, thi is usually under tools or options or something.

    once you are in the irc chat room just type the following

    /msg (insert FULL NAME of bot here) xdcc send #(insert number of pack you want)

    obviously do not use the brackets when you do this. If you type it just like I wrote here if there are open slots the transfer will start automatically. If there are no slows then you will be in line and the transfer will start when your turn in line comes up. This is the fastest way to download, usually 4 hours or less, however there is a limited supply of games. once you get it working you will find that you exhaust the supply of games you want in just a few days.

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    So you don't need the skipper programe.....and thanks about the ISO hunt site....its should be better then is there any thing I can do to contribute to this site.....?

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    Thanks for your enthusiasm. Just visit the site often. if there is anything helpful, fun to look at, anything that others might enjoy, just link it. That is the best way to contribute. if you have answers to questions people may have and they are not answered, answer them. We are here to help those that need help and expect help from others in return if they can give it!
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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