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Thread: Backup Launcher v0.3 gamma DVD Error 324

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    Backup Launcher v0.3 gamma DVD Error 324

    I just recently got a Wii and as soon as I got it i updated it to v 4.0.

    Then I followed this guide
    I think it's called the virgin 4.0 so I would have Backuplauncher and Homebrew Channel.
    But every time I put in a backup DVD-R and try to play it through Backup Launcher it says DVD Error 324
    The DVDs I am using are memorex DVD-R and I have tried using Imgburn and Nero at 1x, 2x, 4x.

    Not really knowing what im doing, I then installed CIOS Revision 13 (b) Installer. but it did nothing.

    Can anyone tell me what the problem is?


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    skip 2 the part of gammatutorial

    ur welcome S hit that funny blue thing that says thanks if u would

    This time i made sure....

    I'm gonna help you

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