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Thread: 4.0 Softmod freezes

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    4.0 Softmod freezes


    I'm new to this ... Im trying to install HBC but im on version 4.0e using the 4.0 softmod pack and when i go into the data channel and onto the sd card to load boot.dol it freezes ... Any ideas ....


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    I just had this problem a few mins ago Figured it out after running past your post and figured i should let you know how i got passed it. ^_^ I would want someone to do that for me if i was still trying to figure it out. Go to bannerbomb
    and click "...others?"
    now make sure you get in the tutorial it says get the newest aad1f_ _ I mistakenly picked the zip w/ the highest number figuring it was the newest. Hope this helps~


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