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Thread: Should I update my Wii?

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    Should I update my Wii?


    Just got Wii few days ago and just ordered Wasabi DX for it. Anyways should I update my firmware to the latest?

    It's just I've read that SSBB may not work with older firmware and perhaps there are some other titles.

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    You don't have to update, this is what IOSs are for. I'm still on 3.2u (upgraded from 3.1u) without updated IOSs and everything works fine. I don't intend to upgrade to 4.0u any time soon since everything works fine on 3.2u

    I too have a Wasabi DX (with clip so really it's a Wasabi Zero)

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    Oh, thanks alot for the reply! So when my DX arrives, I'll just turn the Update Blocker on.



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