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Thread: Unsure if i should update

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    Unsure if i should update

    Sorry if u have all been asked b4, but i have paid 2 have wii chipped and now new game i have just bought wants to update console. But warning states it will make it inoperational if it has a non wii authorised component (something like that) I want to play game but dont want stuff wii. I live in aust and only use wii games and a couple of burnt ones from neighbour. Can someone tell me if i do update will i still have operation console or tell me how to stop the game from updating but still play game. Thanks

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    when you have a modchip installed than can you update the wii firmware to 4.0
    no problem

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    I will give it a go tonight. hope all goes well. if not i will be logging back onto for more assist. cheers


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