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Thread: Too many games on usb hd ?

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    Too many games on usb hd ?

    I have been using usb-loader without any problem for a long time.
    Then i went from 65 games on hd to 121 games and my problem started.
    When i scroll down in the game list it stocks for a while then it goes to homebrew screen. Im on 3.3E with 36 rev 10 and using usbloader 1.5.
    any ideas

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    Try putting less games at one time on your usb HD.

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    yes that wouldt maby help but im looking for a solution keepeng the games

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    Think i solved the problem !
    Formatted my sd card and then i put all the apps back and it is workink

    I then put all my covers on sd and the problem were back. So dont put to many cover on your sd
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