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Thread: Cannot connect Wiiremote to PC via Bluetooth

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    Red face Cannot connect Wiiremote to PC via Bluetooth


    I have tried for ages following various guides to connect my Wii remote to my PC
    I seem to just about manage to connect the remote as when i look in the bluetooth places my Wii mote is shown there as connected BUT NOT Paired!!!

    also when it does connect the lights on my Wii mote continue to flash continously.

    I have then tried to open up Wiinremote & PIEGlove (think thats what its called) but this doesnt seem to recognise the wii mote as i cannot to anything on screen with it.

    Ideally i want to just use my Wii mote to replace my existing remote control that i have on my pc as its huge. All i wanna do is use the controller to double click & let me watch my divx files on the pc.

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Try looking in your manual or conntacting a wii help line or wii mote site for help?

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    YouTube - WiiHacking101 - Wii Remote to PC!
    Look at that video, should get you where you need to go...
    Btw, I got this video by searching "connecting wii remote to pc" in google
    remeber everyone GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND!!!!
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    thanks for the comments unfortunately this doesnt help

    my stupid crappy bluetooth adaptor has finally connected to the pc but it doesnt keep the connection so everytime i have to go thru the set up process

    im gonna try & get another adaptor & keep my fingers crossed

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