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Thread: DVD-R or DVD-RW

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    DVD-R or DVD-RW

    Hey, is there any difference between a DVD-R or a DVD-RW?
    Thanks in advice!

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    dvd-rw don't work for wii games.

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    Okey, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogeggs View Post
    dvd-rw don't work for wii games.

    dvd-rw will work on the wii, I use them when there is a game that is difficult to burn.
    An example is 2009 championship darts (pal). I burnt this normally with imgburn at 2.4 onto a dvd-r. It nearly worked. I then burnt it onto a dvd-rw at speed 1 (didn't want to make another coaster) and it worked so I copied onto my hd using usb loader and no problems.


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