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Thread: Need some help with Animal Crossing

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    Need some help with Animal Crossing

    I have a Wii on 3.3E, chipped using WiiKey2. Wiikey2 ver 1.2 update is set to No

    My Animal Crossing (espalwii PAL version) is not working. Comes with this error on the Disc channel - Unable to read the disc.

    My NFS-Underground is working with ISO 38, 53 and 55.

    So I tried burning another copy also same results, normally all my games works on first burn, using imgburn at 2X. It still didnt work, so I google around, search this site.

    Then added cIOS 37 Custom IOS37 with IOS37 rev7 dip as IOS249
    But still not working, same error.

    Is the custion IOS37 I select not correct as I read some recommending "Custom IOS37 with IOS36 rev7 dip as IOS249"

    or should I try another burn, which I doubt is the problem...

    or maybe I missed something?

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    Although this is the lounge aka offtopic section, There are better places you could've posted this question........ You should do a search, plenty of animal crossing junk on these forums =P

    And by junk I mean, "lame game"


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