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Thread: Black Screen on Start up.

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    Black Screen on Start up.

    Right now I have my friends wii which I am trying to fix. He softmodded his wii using twilight pricess but then updated using a mario game. After the update the wii restarted and then all that was there was a black screen. I tried to savemiifrii but it didn't work. I tested to see if it was the controller, but it works with my wii. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

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    if you installed preloader and can get into by holding reset when you power on, you got a chance, otherwise you are in trouble

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    as a side note........ iv seen like 5 cases like yours on the internet like u turn it on and a blank screen.......... i am wondering what it is anybody kno?

    This time i made sure....

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    Unhappy Aw man!

    Oh wow, I have the same problem!!! My wii starts up alright, but once I get past the Health & Safety screen, it turns black and nothing happens...

    Aw man! What is happening?????

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    I have the same problem, it's the system menu that's corrupt I believe (although I'm told it could also be a hardware fault (bluetooth etc...))


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