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Thread: External Harddrive?

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    External Harddrive?

    Is It possible to run game iso's from an external usb hard drive?

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    As of the moment no such thing is possible but you never know what could happen.

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    Would be a pain to do esp when u would have to run some kind of boot disks to boot the drive.

    Then not sute what the USB port is on teh back of the.

    Is it usb 1 or usb 2 standard? (and dont say two because its got 2 ports!)

    As the transfer rate might be an issue as well.

    Nice idea though..

    Now going back to playing bioshock ;-))
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    I am pretty sure that they are USB 2.0's, however I did not confirm this. There is a Wii LAN adapter, so I would assume they would make the ports USB 2.0 In my opinion a boot disc wouldn't be bad because really all it would need to do is boot into an OS that is stored on the hdd and essentially everything could be run from there from thereon. I am invisioning this to being like the original hacked XBOX dash where you could just go into a list of games and scroll down to the one you wanted to play. This would also rock because a lot of games have a bunch of junk data that could probably be shaved if the games were being booted off of an hdd making you able to store even more games on the external drive. I mean buying a 400gb sata hdd with an enclosure would put you back like $150 when stuff goes on sale. The average game right now is around 2 gigs in NECESSARY data, allowing you to put at least 200 games on the thing. I don't know about you but that little boot disc would truly be worth it for me to save all that space and time with burning dvd discs Plus it would be the ultimate portable solution, basically throwing two Wii-sized objects into a bag that equate to a Wii and 200 games.
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    Update: Possibly bullcrap HD Wii USB support :: DESTRUCTOID :: Hardcore video game blog
    Just found that searching, I guess the Wii alows you to use an HDD as an SD card... only a matter of time before they hack that baby for games. Sadly it claims to only go to a max of 120gb... still better than nothing
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    thanks sziklassy,
    fingers crossed some tech head will get it working.


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