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Thread: Black Screen on boot up

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    Black Screen on boot up

    Ok have wii, with Wiikey installed. Was an idiot the other day and wanted to play punch out, but read that you needed the new 4.0 update. So i tried to download it. When i came back later on the screen was stuck at a "wii update" screen with nothing happening. So now when i turn on my wii, nothing happens, like the POST has been lost. The power button works, disk makes noise, but screen is black, no version number or anything, just like display wont turn on. I'm assuming this had everything to do with me trying to get the 4.0 download. PLEASE HELP, can my favorite toy in the whole world be saved.

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    sounds like you got a brick, you do not need to be on 4.0 to play punchout, works fine on 3.2, sounds like you used a PAL version of the game to update your USA wii, or vice versa. If so you are in trouble, do you have preloader? if so does it work? you may have to try to use savemiifrii, by booting the wii with a gamecube controller in and pressing all 4 directionals, you may be able to save your wii this way

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    No punch out was a NTSC version. But I didn't update using game anyways, I did the update via the wii menu, with no disk in the drive. I have tried using the gamecube controller, but it was an after market controller. I dont know if that would make any difference. No I dont have a pre-loarder, dont know what that is. open to all ideas.

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    I update with punchout and now my system is brick, can't get savemiifrii to work? Any ideas anyone?

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    Same here pal wii pal punch out :-( black screen of mega death...

    plz... help uss...

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    I have the same problem. Wii powers on, screen flickers, and then black screen. I managed to boot into the recovery menu but couldn't get any recovery disks to load. So, I just ordered a WasabiDX Mod Chip and hopefully that'll solve my problem.

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