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Thread: hello and could you help.

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    hello and could you help.

    i'm new to this site so first and foremost hello people.

    I've recently used a softmod (Non-twilight version)on my wii and put on the homebrew channel, but i have a problem. It all seems fine, the menu's and the rest are all working but now all my original discs are asking for a system update. i don't really want to make backups of them all, so is this normal or have i ballsed it somewhere along the line and can i fix it.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Sounds like you changed the region when you modded it - check to see if you did and, if so, change it back

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    well it say's version 3.3e which is europe (i'm uk) so i just thought that was ok but how would i change the region anyway?

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    I have seen some people with (almost) similar problems and it's either needing a downgrade to 3.2 or it's something to do with the system menu. if i solve it i'll post for future reference.


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