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Thread: See bootdisk, won't open

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    See bootdisk, won't open

    I recently had the wiikey installed on my wii. I've tried burning the bootdisk on multiple dvds with no luck. The wii sees the DVD in the drive and shows the Gamecube image, but when I run it, I get a black screen with the infamous error. Does that mean the wiikey is working but I need to try a different DVD burner? I think I remember someone saying that a wii that isn't modded won't show the gamecube image when the bootdisk is inserted. Thank you for the help.


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    It sounds to me you are either using a PAL bootdisc on an NTSC system or an NTSC boot disc on a PAL system.... this same thing happens if you currently try to play PAL on NTSC or NTSC on PAL when referring to games. Happens with some titles, not all, but it does happen. Make sure you are using the boot disc for your region wii. The wiikey is working if you see the gamecube symbol on the menu.
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    Hmmm... I used the US bootdisk from the wiikey website. My wii was purchased in the US and has been updated. Maybe it is the dvd burner? I've tried several brands of DVDs. Would it be possible that the chip isn't connected properly, therefore not working at 100%? Maybe I will just try a game and skip the bootdisk.

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    Well, I guess I suggest trying a game. I doubt there is a connection issue though if the game is booting to the gamecube menu. Really the only time I have ever seen it is when other region games are placed into the Wii of a region differing from that of the disc. I guess it is worth a try with a game though. Let us know what happens!
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    Thanks for the help. I downloaded a NTSC game and it works fine now! After further research, I realized that many people have issues with the boot disk after the last wii update. Thanks again for the help.

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    no problem your welcome for my yeah you are welcome if you ever have any problems (wii) can help you here


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