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Thread: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - new media

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    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - new media

    Has anyone seen the new gameplay vids from E3? I was already looking forward to this but now I can barely contain my excitement. It looks awsome.

    Click for videos

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    At first i was like what's the point of the game to find his daughter? Then i saw the zombies and i was pumped!

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    ooo i cant wait.!!!ive only ever played the first SH for the playstation and i liked that hope this is as good!!!

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    Oh oh... darn it! Now I need new pants! Awesome links, I hadn't seen those e-3 vid's and they look awesome. I guess I had it wrong, I thought shattered memories was supposed to be a remake of the first, but that doesn't look like the case now however, especially since he was driving a jeep originally, and the cop looks nothing like Cybil from the first game. This is gonna drive me nuts now. With multiple endings on the first, the videos seem to point at harry being single and having never gotten a new baby, and also nuts. The only ending that would fit this would possibly be the ufo ending...

    oh I can't wait now...


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