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Thread: Downgrading from 4.0?

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    Downgrading from 4.0?

    Sup people,

    OK, I just got my friend to get Homebrew on my 4.0 Wii yesterday using bannerbomb. Now I want to put wad files on there so I can play Majora's Mask but I'm hesitant on whether I should because the instructions said to downgrade to 3.2. Now, I don't know exactly how to downgrade from 4.0 and I don't want to just try wads now and possibly brick my Wii. Help?

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    as long as u dont got no LU64/65 use this

    (the way 2 tell if ur LU64/65 look on the barcode and look @ first 4 number diget combonation... S

    This time i made sure....

    I'm gonna help you

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    You don't need to downgrade to install wads if you don't want to. You especially don't want to downgrade if you want to store any WiiWare or VC wads on your SD card.

    Those instructions were written before 4.0 came out. Back in the day, 3.2 was the best since it offered the most functionality. (All 3.3 and 3.4 did was try and disable Homebrew and enable some newer games to play ... which you could work around, but I digress.) At any rate, it is widely thought that 4.0 is the new 3.2 with all the new functionality it offers.

    So in short, it's up to you whether you downgrade or not. It's really a personal preference.


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