Guys, I have one doubts and would like to share what happened with me. If somebody already went by that before or knows the reason for which happens the fact described below, please, share.

Following, I have an American Wii with modchip driveKey. Yesterday, I recorded ISO that I lowered of Mario Tennis. The iso in subject was in PAL, they put passed the regionFree and changed her for NTSC-USA. Soon afterwards I passed to ISO in WiiBrickBrock.
After made that, I recorded ISO in ImgBurn. Everything worked perfect. I inserted the dvd recorded in the Wii and the game run perfect, usually playing. (reminding that my DriveKey is configured Update Blocker in the option "All", in other words, it block updating of any game of the any region, besides it NTSC-USA).
Now that the problem comes, when I leave the game Mario Tennis, the dvd no more reads the game, not even it shows soon in the disc channel the of the game. I removed Mario Tennis and I put any other game, Original or backup and he doesn't Read. He doesn't also access the settings config, the screen is black only with the audio, but as said, he doesn't show error message none in the screen.
I decided to turn off Wii and to turn on again. After turned on Wii, he run normaly the games (Original or Backup) besides Mario Tennis.
PS: That throw of not turning after left the game happened only with Mario Tennis.
Does anybody know how to explain the reason? It will be that damages some thing in Wii.
I thinked about Brick, but doesn't make sense, because it was not asked for updating any and didn't I execute any other recent updating (does it continue with the original 4.0U updated before installing the modchip). will it Be that some games (in this case the mario tennis) does have some type of automatic updating? without ask the user to accept the updating or not?

Will it be that the game that is something wrong?

Thanks to all...