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    Exclamation open asap

    I am new I come from the site (wii topia)witch I admin it's also on the top 100 wii site list I came here to help you guys out mabey with moding and advertiseing,see I run a clan that helps sites advertise, and get members, rank pages,and more....

    The site is wii plaza another great wii site if you are staff and acsept my reqest let the member getting popularity sky rocket I have helped many sites like this one but i'm getting tired of going from site to site I just wan't a site I can settle down and help and be active at so what do you say?? if you need proof of my exp I shall show you......

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    Not exactly sure what you are requesting here.
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    My reqest was met i'll close this now!


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