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Thread: Need help with Burning CD's

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    Need help with Burning CD's

    OK i have a Modded wii with the Wii Key and i have been burning games for it and they work fine im useing memorex DvD+RW.. I just hacked my friends wii with Homebrew and got the Backup loader thing to read burt CD's i tryed with my memorex DvD+RW and they couldnt be read.... but i also have Maxwell DVD-R and they worked fine... but i also didnt burn those ones my self.. i want to know if its the Formating of the Cd's its self or if its the Different CD's i need for them to be read... i Use Nero to burn them... let me know how you do it

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    I'd say just test burning a disc to -R and see if it works for your friends~
    there's many drive versions out there so maybe his is just having issues with +R(W)?

    (if anything i say is wrong it's because i'm like a week old to wii stuff)

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    from what i have read the best is to use imgburn at like 2-4 x , and use verbatum( might spelled that wrong) dvd-r...

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    Ya I have to agree with cbjones26... I follow the same method.. image burn at 2.4x and always use Verbatim..never a hitch

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    What is the problem.. There is a STICKY right above this post that answers
    all your questions about what DVD's.

    Come on try to do a little searching and reading...
    And if your light bulb is really burned out, Here is the link;


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