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Thread: Wii info/review

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    Thumbs up Wii info/review

    Ok, many know that with the wii there are many new ways to alter game play. Most wonder if it will be as good as they say. Some agree and some disagree. I personally agree that it's worth the money. With the release of the new zelda game comes many more games that will get, and deserve, a good rating. Most people will like the wii a lot more than they thought.

    Some, on the other hand, might be a little mad. But I say, "Hey! You bought it, have fun with it." There are many great games out, and even more waiting to come out. Rumors have been spreading around that some of the classic games will be remade for the wii (Rumor). So don't get your hopes up, but even if they don't come out, there are enough games out to still have fun. Take it from me, you'll like it. I'll give you updates as they come along. I'll have more soon. Thanks!

    Also, the wii offers the satisfaction of playing music and videos. There are also other great ways to have fun. Whether you're playing a game or not, there's so much stuff you can do with the wii.

    Included is getting classic games for a certain amount of wii points. Another great way to enjoy the wii, with the unlimited possibility of having a great gaming experience! Try it, and if you don't have a wii or don't like new games: remember, you can get and play almost any classic game on the wii. Well, that's it for now! I'll add more info as I get it. New update for the wii: it includes a clock in the wii menu, seeing news article titles on the title screen of the news channel, and there's more to come.

    The new zelda game: people say that it's the best zelda game. That doesn't stop the fact that it's the most advanced zelda series that has came along. I used to play zelda when I was a kid, and now it's for the wii. A great game for a great system! I'll love to play and maybe beat the game; it looks fantastic.

    Well, that's it for now me. I will add updates as I come across them. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.

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    Wii System specs

    Central Processing Unit (CPU) - IBM Broadway 729MHz
    Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) - ATI Hollywood 243MHz
    Supported Resolution - Up to 480p
    System Memory - 88MB
    Internet Connectivity - WiFi 802.11 b/g
    Internal Storage - 512MB Flash Memory
    Optical Drive - 12cm Wii Disc & 8cm GameCube Disc
    Memory Expansion - 1 x SD Memory
    Backward Compatibility
    Downloadable Games

    4 x Wireless Wii Controller Ports
    4 x GameCube Controller Ports
    2 x GameCube Memory Expansion
    2 x USB 2.0 ports

    As the specs show its about as powerful as an original x-box, however i consider it to be slightly better due to the newer graphics card. Either way the games don't look terrible on the eye, and only a fool would buy the wii for its graphical capabilities.

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    wiikey abilities

    Quote Originally Posted by ZELDAMASTER View Post

    There are also other great ways to have fun. Whether you're playing a game or not, there's so much stuff you can do with the wii.

    Included is getting classic games for a certain amount of wii points.
    Erm yeh you could do that and waste big bucks on rom you have on your pc, or alternatively chip your wii preferably with wiikey and emulate roms off a dvd, costing you nothing

    Because the wii has the inability to play dvds i am also liking the ability for users to play divx films with wiikey.

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    Yeah well I Have all the things I need right now.and please donot double post

    And yeah you make a good point but also the wii offers so much more then graphics,games,new stuff,chips all kinda cool stuff to in a good way alter game play

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    But also I,was giveing wii users a idea they can use wether you wii is moded or not

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    You essentially will be doing the same things with your wii being modded or not, the idea being that the modded wii will not cost you hundreds of dollars to do all that stuff. Yeah wii cn play divx when its modded, but so can a $25.00 dvd player from best buy... and somehow I am doubting that in this day and age ANYONE really needs another divx player...
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    Probly not

    But yeah the wii point thing is a great idea you can get almost any classic games

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    Yes and no, essentially they are making me pay for something I have already purchased (I have every game that I have seen on their classics games in cartridge form off eBay, hardcore collector here) and really do not appreciate having to pay for it again. Essentially I am paying for the convenience of not having to pop a cartridge into an oldschool system and 2-5 bucks ( think is the price range, maybe more???) is alot to ask from someone like me. For the younger audience, which ZELDAMASTER fits into at only 17 this is great, because it is an inexpensive way to try out classics that you may have never seen before. I guess the other negative I would add is that you don't really get to try the game out first. I would expect Nintendo to allow you to download a level or two to see if the game is something you want. Seeing as how many of the classic games are extremely small in file size (less than 2 megs, many under 1 meg even) this would be extremely easy to do. The reason it is NOT done is because it would actually require adding some work into it, where now they just taking something from 20 years ago and regurgitate it untouched. is this done for money or for the consumer? you decide...
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    yeah and hey i'm 17 but i've been playing games sence I was a kid you stinker but yeah there will aways be ups and downs to almost anything

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    2 things
    a) you still are a kid... I am 23 and I am still a kid
    b) you were barely around for the snes still, if you are 17, all that I meant is most of those games you probably didn't play at any length unless you did so as an embryo so you would not be purchasing them for the second or third (since many made it to the handhelds systems) time...
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