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Thread: Softmod 4.0

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    Softmod 4.0

    ok i'm new too this.

    But i installed the softmod and started the homebrew channel

    but now i can't reboot into the original wii screen to play originals or am I missing something

    also if I wanted to how to i uninstall it back to factory as it doesnt seem to be running as I expected

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    so whats up with it? i think you prob have preloader set to boot to hb fix this hold down reset when you switch your wii on and preloader menu should load, then select settings>autoboot>system menu and your wii should start up as normal...

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    i had it the autoboot set to systemmenu but it keeps saying the files are corrupt and i have to press the power button and system reset to get into the homebrew stuff but i cant get the wii loader to come up.

    fortunately i took it back too the shop and they replaced it


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