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Thread: Drivekey with guitar hero

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    Drivekey with guitar hero

    Hello Guys,

    I have just installed a drivekey in a US console,

    Fifa (pal) original works fine,

    but guitar hero (pal) original will not load, it shows in the disc channel, but then when you click it it just go's to a black screen and hangs!!!

    Anybody had this problem before or any suggestions??

    The drivkey is set to block updates for imports!

    Any help will be much appreciated,


    Keep on trying... Never Give Up...

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    The problem is the system menu software. The drivekey is skipping updates required for the game to run because you have update blocker enabled and guitar hero requires a update to run.

    Either upgrade to the highest one for your region or install the IOS required to get the game to book.


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