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Thread: external HDD PrOBLEM? let me know

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    external HDD PrOBLEM? let me know

    hey i was wondering what im doing wrong

    i got a 750gb external drive.

    I cannot seem to be able to dump games on it using WFBS , it doesn't work

    i cannot even format the drive to be seen on usb loader 1.5 ,

    what do i need to do
    it seems to be ntsf , i dunno if i need to put my drive fat32 ??...

    anyways let me know what to do im kinda confused .
    since i haven't had any problem at all setting up my softmod wii all by myself but this time i need help

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    if your on windows then look up the WBFS manager 3.0 and u can format it off ur pc s

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    it says... cannot find a wfbs partition& then errors....... grrrr

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    here check if ur hd even works w/ this USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp and if it says it does post back

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    its a verbatim 750gb ....
    but it's not in the list

    ill try to do the troubleshoot... that is on the wiki page...

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    alright i got 2 games installed using 3.0....

    when i load the usb loader 1.5 it says no partition found WTF?
    maybe i badly installed the app?
    god knows maybe

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    i personally use cover flow... just google it its really a nice usb loader s

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    where can i get cover flow??

    is is better than usb loader 1.5???!

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    ok here and i think its way better than 3.5 lol it shows 3-D covers and when u click on it it shows the disk and here link: this is a beta but people say its better than original so ima gonna try it 2 S

    This time i made sure....

    I'm gonna help you

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