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Thread: Does a Wad file exist for the Internet Channel?

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    Does a Wad file exist for the Internet Channel?

    I've been looking over several forums (Including this one) for a long time, and since my Wii Shop channel doesn't work (Cause it needs to update everytime I start it), I can't buy the Internet Channel. Does a wad files exist for this channel so I can install it on my softmodded Wii? I'm not sure but just in case, I need a PAL channel. (If channels have region codes)

    Thanks for all of your help for my past question you guys, everyone's answers were really helpfull :3.

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    Thanks my 1st time to download here. but i don have a wad manager installed in my homebrew channel, how can i install it

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    Wad manager is just a homebrew program, you just use it the same way you run emulators etc.


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