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Thread: Homebrew app killed my game disc slot... i think. HELP?!

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    Unhappy Homebrew app killed my game disc slot... i think. HELP?!

    OK... I recently installed Homebrew (for the first time) on my 4.0 Wii using Bannerbomb and BootMii. I also installed the Homebrew Browser app.

    Using the Homebrew Browser, I DL'd one of the MPlayer apps thinking that the DVDx that comes with the BootMii installer would let me play DVD movies. When I ran it, the app froze. I restarted the Wii, went back to the Browser app and DL'd a different version of MPlayer (why are there so many?). This one got me to an MPlayer menu and when I clicked Play, this app froze.

    Now I just gave up on MPlayer and went to play a game normally, but now my disc slot on the Wii refuses to read any game discs.

    Next I went back to Homebrew and found and app that acts like the Wii's Disc Channel to run games. This lets me play my games about 40% of the time. The rest of the time I try to use that, The Wii freezes.

    WTF is going on? The rest of the Wii works fine, like playing WiiWare games off the SD Card, using the Shop Channel, etc.


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    yeah thats why i'm scared to use dvd movies in my wii. i can't explain why mplayer would do that, but if thats happening theres not much you can really do to fix this. my best suggestion is to reinstall sysmenu 4 with an update from nintendo, if you have a cios36 or cios38 installed you can easily get back to where you were and homebrew channel doesn't get deleted either. i just upgraded officialy from 3.2 to 4.0 from nintendo and im back to where i was at on 3.2, just with an sd menu now and the ability to go back if i choose to

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    there is more to running mplayer_ce than just installing and running...

    go here MPlayer CE - WiiBrew

    follow the steps to get mpayer working properly


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