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Thread: Wii backups HELP

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    Us Wii backups HELP

    I guess I am a total retard because I can not for the life of me to get my backup's to work on a 4.0u wii, hbc, preloader, backup launcher. I guess I need my hand held on installing everything. All the backup launchers I have tried show the game but then loads to a black screen. I have downgraded then updated, tried to reinstall everything, and nothing works for me. Any suggestions? Retard tutorials? Step by step help? Anything would be GREAT.

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    Are the backups the same system as your system? NTSC rather than PAL? The most common reason I've read to encounter this seems to be wrong system. Have you tried choosing "Force NTSC" on the Backup Loader menu?

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    Hi sorry to butt in on your discussion but i am a Newbie here aswell, i have homebrew loaded the DVD dumper, when i run the dumper and try to dump using network (Wifi) it starts to dump and when i type in on my laptop the Wii's IP address it doesnt come up with anything and the wii comes up with ERROR returned, can anyone help please i have been at this now for 2 days
    many thanks Wii V4.0E in UK

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    dthatcher is on another path... If you used the search feature you could have found this recently started thread plus maybe some others with an answer to your question.

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    " the game but then loads to a black screen...."
    possible causes:
    -- bad meida/ burnt disc
    -- lack of the required IOSs
    -- out-of-region games

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    So how do you do the dvd dumping thing via wifi connection

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    Hi i resolved my issues by downloading Opera (google it) and using that instead of internet explorer, when you start to dump the disk it should tell you the IP address of the Wii or something similar, open opera and type the numbers in the web bar and it should find the wii and start to transfer
    any problems drop me an email

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    firefox is also good for dvd dumping and it is free to download en to use

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