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    quick question...

    Hey all!

    My first post here, firstly i wanted to say thanks to the creators of the awesome guides. I'm a complete n00b when it comes to homebrew, wii and using the two together but with a little help from the tutorials and guides ive managed to get home brew onto my wii so many thanks!

    My question (s) is, is there any way to get gamma onto my wii without it being connected to the internet? I have net access but my wi-fi here is non existent so havent even had my wii online yet (only had it 3 days) i've done a lot of reading here and most of it points to using the home brew channel to install gamma but ofc without the wii being hooked up to net that isnt an option.

    Any advice for a noob?

    Also whilst im here i used the twilight hack and hackmii installer to get the HB channel but when i select bootmii (with sd card inserted) my controllers wont stay turned on the lights onm them flash blue once and go off so i cant select any of the 4 icons on screen, is this normal with no internet connection?

    I know i need to get my wi-fi sorted out ASAP to really benefit from having HB installed but was just wondering / hoping i would be able to use 1 or 2 of the back ups ive recieved from friends whilst waiting a day or two to get my wifi sorted?

    Any advice really appreciated

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    you don't need a connection for gamma? - download it with your pc and just put it in the apps folder of your sd card or install it as a channel...the controllers don't work with bootmii, you have to use the power and reset buttons to navigate the menu...i don't know where you got your info from but you don't really need an internet connection for most homebrew, only stuff that downloads straight to your wii, like the downgraders etc


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