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Thread: Does Punch-Out work on a JPN softmod Wii?

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    Does Punch-Out work on a JPN softmod Wii?

    Hey folks,

    I looked through the threads talking about the black screen problem with Punch-Out, but since I have yet to have any luck and seeing how most ppl have a PAL or NTSC system, I thought I would ask.

    So I have a Twilight Hacked JPN Wii, version 3.2 with Gamma, etc. I think I have the necessary versions of the WADs, etc. I scrubbed the ISO I got (tried both NTSC and PAL ISOs) to remove the Error #002. So now I get the quick green screen like always, but then the screen stays black instead of loading the Wiimote caution screen.

    If anyone has it working for a JPN Twilight Hack Wii, could u be so kind as to post what your system setup is like? All other games I have work (Animal Crossings, etc), so I don't really want to upgrade to firmware 4.0 or anything like that unless I must. Thanks in advance for any help!!


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    Any ideas...anyone?

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    Just update to 4.0J (I did) there is no point in staying on 3.2 anymore as 4.0 is pretty much set in HB. (You can also downgrade later if you are disatisfied).

    But if you insist on staying on 3.2, perhaps you do not have the correct IOS files for the game, try and find what Punch-out contains and install it (thats probably why its asking you to update).

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    Still dont work

    I already updated my JPN WII to 4.0J and Punch out still do not work with soft mod.
    I using cIOSv38-rev13 and gator 0.3 gamma.


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