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Thread: GC2-D2C Chip on new Wii

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    Ca GC2-D2C Chip on new Wii

    just got a new Wii opened it up it has the GC2-D2C chip it has no pins cut can it be moded or am i out of luck? already ordered the chip should i see if i can try and cancel it?

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    I did a quick google search... no current chips work on that console >.<
    Best bet is to get an older console, see if you can find one on eBay. Even then it is kind of a crap shoot

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    K kinda figured that thanks for the fast reply.

    Its the wiikey chip i have coming any point in installing it and hoping it will work?

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    Not sure if you CAN install it. From what I have seen saying that it DOES NOT work, I recommend not trying. It will likely just brick your Wii. if you want to give it a shot and try it, I would love to hear how you did. Not sure if it just plain DOESN'T work, if contact points are different, or what. If you or anyone you know is good at soldering give it a shot!
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    Us gc2 d2c mod proof for now

    Yeah Im new to modding consoles and low and behold i got this unlucky chip set (gc2 d2c) in early september. I did install it though it did not "brick my console" Maybe I can swap my wii with a friends or just wait for a newer mod chip to come out for it.


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