I apologize if this question has already been asked, but I've spent multiple days searching for an answer and yet i still had no luck. I recently Soft modded my Wii, and of course being the idiot that i am was messing with the Anyregion changer to see if my pal games to work on my Ntsc Wii system. Well of course it made my screen go distorted and the screen was rolling.. So i attempted to fix it without searching the problem. I fixed the rolling issue but now my screen is black and white while im in the menu. Once i go into my home brew channel it begins to roll again, and when i try to go back into the Anyregion changer to see if i can attempt to fix it, it sends me back to the home brew channel. Is there any way to fix this problem without having to send it in for repairs.

Additional information -
I have a 3.3U Wii

I can still play my games on it with color, going through the back up launcher, but i am unable to fix any problems such as the #002 error, or playing gamecube games with color.

I have tried formating and reinstalling it and it did not work..
I appreciate any help that is given to me.