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Thread: Disk read error de blob?

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    Angry Disk read error de blob?

    hi when ever i try to play my backup of de blob it works untill i get to the select a profile and then i get disk read error plz remove disk and restart system iv tryed diffrent disks and diffrent speeds and i dumped the disk with my lg drive so theres nothing wrong with the file plz help

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    dump it threw ur wii threw wifi or an ecternal hdd

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    why would i do that when i have a lg drive and the game alredy on my computer but i got it to work with softmii thx any way

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    k and the reason i asked if ud do it threw sd/usb loader is u can dump games super fast ( i dumped super mario slugers in 5 minutes S)

    This time i made sure....

    I'm gonna help you

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