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Thread: wii issues

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    wii issues

    Hello Everyone,
    I am having issues with Madden 08 n Carnival Games. When I click start, it reboots to the WII menu screen. I have WiiKey chip in my Wii. Has anyone seen this??

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    I have had this problem with PAL games. I have an NTSC system. Some PAL works, some not. Is it a different region? If so, that is most likely the problem.

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    I have a US system and Madden 08 (US version) doesn't work

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    Has it ever worked? If not, probably a bad dump. Check what group dumped it and try to get a different one!
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    It is also possible that there was a brick blocker or something else added to the file. In my experience this can actually make a game freeze, crash or not run. I recommend not running brick blocker and ONLY installing updates for your version Wii.
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    it has to do something with my wii. its not a bad copy of the game cuz it works fine on all of my friends wii. theres was recently chipped and mine was the first batch. i got mine chipped at the beginning of this year. i want to say jan or feb 07.

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    Probly a server prob or lens prob try letting it set for awile play something else for a bit or take ur games abck and get games that will work

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    so far only madden and carival games work. brunswick bowling and all my other games work just fine.

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    Well all I can say is take the games back and trade them 4 a newer/diffrent copy or link to a support site?

    Sorry I can't help you more


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