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Thread: Multiple ISOs

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    Multiple ISOs

    is there a way to combine multiple ISOs into one single ISO? Or do I just burn all onto the disc?

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    with game cube games yes, with wii games iv never heard ov it somebody pleaze correct if im wrong S

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    so you just burn all of the ISOs to the disc?

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    i uploaded it JUST 4 YOU S i couldn't find it any were else 4 some reason.... must being getting 2 old 4 people 2 care

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    so that only works for gamecube right? Not wii.

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    correct ding ding ding, srry man to the best of my knoladge you can't you could always use an external hd and but all ur wii games on them
    S if i helped you press that lil oll thanks button down there S

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    thanks.....I was thinking about trying gamecube ISOs too but I was going to try Wii ISOs first. So you helped me in a way . but for burning wii ISOs, all you do is just add them to the disc in order....correct?

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    I just want to make sure

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    yup well u just reaname the dump to an .iso and then use IMGburn S

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    thanks again man! You've been a big help!

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