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Thread: DVD Dumper 1.2 & SD/USB HDD Problems

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    DVD Dumper 1.2 & SD/USB HDD Problems

    I have downgraded to 3.2E

    I am using DVD Dumper 1.2

    The only success I am having in dumping is in 512Mb parts on to a 2GB SD Card

    I have an 8GB SD Card and a Western Digital 250Gb USB HDD

    If I try the 8GB or USB HDD I get right to the part where the ripping is about to begin all I get is Error press any key to restart.

    Any ideas?

    Also really dumb question but doing it via Wifi when the router is connected to the Net doesn't use bandwith from your ISP does it? (can hear the fits of laughter now)

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    I've been using waninkoko usb loader 1.5 - it has a feature on it to dump the games to SD or USB Mass Storage - works a treat.

    Make sure you have of the latest IOS installed.


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