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Thread: new games require to upgrade.

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    Cool new games require to upgrade.

    Hello guys I just got the game "UP" which is based on the new Disney movie and when I try to play it is asking me to upgrade my system, I'm currently on v3.3 could any body tell me what do I need to do to make this game run and if that will also fix the Wii shop channel and the Nintendo channel as they also are asking me to upgrade my system before I can access them? thanks!!

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    launch the game through gamma it'll bypass the 'update' on the disc.

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    How do I get Gamma? sorry I'm new on this.

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    or use gecko OS which bypasses the update to just searchthe formums and u will find it and also it the game resets u need to instal a ios via WAD manager and just search for that 2 if it resets S

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