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Thread: Wads with Wasabi zero?

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    Wads with Wasabi zero?

    Noob, here.

    A few months ago I accidentally upgraded my system menu to 4, and now I can't do squat with Wad files. I've tried like mad to downgrade, but I keep getting errors when installing cios stuff.

    My question is - If I install a Wasabi Zero, can I use wad installs while I'm on version 4?

    Does a modchip pretty much get you the ability to burn and play backups, or are there homebrew benefits, also?


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    Modchip can only play backup games. It doesn't deal with homebrew, etc. Sounds like you never had homebrew or cIOS installed so you may need to use bannerbomb to downgrade first before you can use WADs again.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have the homebrew channel installed, it just has been crippled by the October Nintendo update.

    I guess my question is... Can I play VC and Wiware games with a modchip, since my Homebrew channel seems to be DOA?


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    as xfactordx was saying you will need homebrew and wad manager up and running the modchip is just for backups, i'm still learning myself though so you may want to wait for another reply for confirmation.

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    Just down grade to 3.2 and you'll be able to use wads again, as xfactordx shared you'll need bannerbomb. Unless you wanna wait longer before for other programs to be made to helped with wii 4.0. Right now there are alot of beta versions out with lots of "holes" that need to be fixed to run smoothly without running in possible problems.

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