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Thread: Homebrew Apps.. Suggestions??

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    Question Homebrew Apps.. Suggestions??

    OK jus got Homebrew on my wii 4.0U and now need some apps I'm guessing to help me entertain myself on wii once again.. Would you folks be so kind as to point me in the right direction and give me some advice where need be to help get this ball rolling.. I have a 2gb SD card. Can I remove the homebrew install data from there now since it is installed and I got bubbles on the screen.. thanks..

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    back up launcher is asome (cant tell u where 2 get it board rules) but there is a guide on this sight. um Mplayer is cool just search the forms w/ key words Mplayer .6 and the WAD manager is cool because u get "backups" of ur wii ware games. also downgrade 2 3.2 (look 4 a guide by emperorofcanada its asome) and install starfall... very overwelming i kno but tackle it 1 at a time and in no time u will have the wii super improved S


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